$1,500,000 Settlement

This case involved the sale of REITs, equipment leasing programs and oil and gas deals sold to elderly retirees in the Minneapolis area.

$1,100,000 Settlement

In this case an elderly couple recovered their life savings that was used to purchase Mexican time share securities.

$900,000 Settlement

This case involved a group of investors – mostly airline pilots and flight attendants who were sold shares of a start up company by a broker for a major firm. The broker never disclosed his personal relationship with the CEO of the company and never disclosed the company had failed to secure needed financing to build a factory.

$280,000 Settlement

In this case a group of investors had their money stolen by a career criminal who funneled the money to offshore accounts. Investors were told their investment was guaranteed and would return 13%. In fact, the guarantee was a sham and the returns investors received came from money deposited by new investors.

$250,000 Settlement

This was a recovery against a clearing firm for aiding and abetting an underlying penny stock fraud.

$250,000 Settlement

This was a recovery against an accounting firm for aiding a convicted swindler in a promissory note scam.

$180,000 Settlement

In this case an elderly woman received back funds that were lost due to investments in tech stocks.

$140,000 Settlement

This case involved bogus research issued by a major broker dealer which caused the loss of 401k funds.

$51,000 Settlement

In this case a large IRA custodian provided faulty investment data to its clientele. Specifically, the custodian valued illiquid investment as fair market value, which prevented the investors from discovering the true value of their investments.

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