$13,000,000 Judgment

In this case a convicted swindler orchestrated a sophisticated scam using publicly traded shell corporations and offshore banks.

$2,500,000 Judgment

In this case we recovered 100% of the losses from a hedge fund that used a bogus audit and fake documents to defraud investors.

$1,500,000 Judgment

This case involved the use of bogus securities to pay for the purchase of a house.

$1,200,000 Judgment

In this case our firm recovered 100% of the losses, interest and attorney’s fees for a 93 year old victim of an offshore time share investment.

$278,000 Judgment

In this case two elderly investors were sold out of their safe, secure annuities and placed into a “promissory note” scam. The verdict represents a return of 100% of the investors’ osses.

$105,000 Judgment

In this case an elderly couple was swindled out of their life savings. The judgment includes damages for violations of Nevada’ elder abuse statute.

$72,000 Judgment

In this case an elderly couple was persuaded to roll their money out of their pension plan and invest in an oil and gas limited partnership. They never received a memorandum detailing the investment from the broker, who has since fled to Mexico.

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