$1,225,000 Award

In this case our firm recovered 400% of an elderly client’s losses from unregistered viatical investment contracts. The award included a $600,000 punitive damages award.

$960,000 Award

This award to an 85 year old widow included a $500,000 punitive damages award, attorney’s fees, interest and full return of principal in a case involving a scam real estate investment.

$660,000 Award

This case concerned a 1031 tenant in common (TIC) investment whereby a brokerage firm recommended the investment to an elderly investor without having performed “due diligence”.

$600,000 Award

In this case our firm recovered over 100% of a CMO investors losses. This investor beleived she was investing in safe, govt. insured bonds. In reality, the broker put her funds into risky, illiquid “tranches” of these CMOs, which our expert described as “Frankenstein securities.”

$451,000 Award

In this case our firm recovered 100% of the losses, plus attorney’s fees from the improper sale of an unregistered security disguised as a time share investment out of Cancun, Mexico.

$265,000 Award

In this case a broker from a major firm discovered a company in Australia. He sold his client on the company, which was not trading on an American exchange. The broker created his own option forms and, in pencil, sold the client options to buy shares in the company. The award included an award for punitive damages.

$240,000 Award

This award represented a 100% return of capital, interest and attorney’s fees on an unregistered real estate ponzi scheme that had been shut down by the SEC.

$225,000 Award

In this case the arbitration panel awarded an elderly woman 100% of her investment losses suffered when a broker “churned” her account.

$193,350 Award

In this case a woman running a small business took the proceeds of her divorce settlement and gave them to a broker. The broker churned her account then concentrated the funds in the shares of a high-risk stock purchased on margin.

$190,000 Award

In this case a broker churned his client’s account for the purposes of generating commissions.

$175,000 Award

In this case the victim of a horrible motor vehicle accident was persuaded to invest the proceeds in a scam real estate deal. The total recovery of $175,000 represented a 175% return.

$174,000 Award

In this case two elderly victims were convinced to invest their life savings in two separate scam programs that promised safe and steady income. The award represented a 200% return of their losses, and included an $87,000 punitive damage award.

$92,000 Award

In this case a retiree who was convinced to roll the proceeds of her pension plan into an overly aggressive portfolio of stocks was awarded her losses.

$90,000 Award

This award represented a recovery of losses in variable annuities and unregistered securities.

$80,000 Award

In this case an elderly couple was awarded the full amount of their lost investment that had been placed in an exotic structured product.

$69,000 Award

In this case an elderly couple who purchased a “guaranteed” oil and gas limited partnership lost everything when the guarantee turned out to be illusory and the company went bankrupt.

$66,440 Award

In this case an investment house gave seminars to retiring aerospace workers. They convinced this investor to roll his pension into limited partnerships including oil and gas, pizza restaurants and storage facilities. The award included a punitive damage award against the principals of the firm.

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